The ASTRAEA Guest House formerly known as AMORA’s Room for rent owned by Ms. Maria Cristina Amora. After the earthquake last 1990, when Baguio was the main affected area, Tagaytay City eventually boomed its tourism. Many of the Baguio tourists went to Tagaytay since we have almost the similar weather in Baguio. The room for rent was started early year 1991 but with only 3 rooms,then eventually rooms are added. ASTRAEA Guest House is located at Kaykulot Road, Sungay East,Tagaytay City, Cavite, which is near Tagaytay’s picnic Grove. The Guest House has 20 Rooms that can be accommodated The hotel gives free breakfast and coffee per person, and can provide an access to a Mini-fridge in the dining area for customers that needs to store their foods or items that is need to be kept cold.

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